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Linkin Park's bitchs [entries|friends|calendar]
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[31 Jul 2008|01:15pm]

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[02 Jun 2008|05:33pm]


So I spent the whole afternoon working on this, and got 130 screen caps of Chester in the “Leave Out All The Rest” new video. Hope you like it.

6.JPG 13.JPG 22.JPG 35.JPG
54.JPG 78.JPG 79.JPG 114.JPG


X-posted everywhere.

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[05 Jan 2008|12:06am]


Celebrity Role-Playing Community

Message Board/Threading Based

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[25 Nov 2007|01:52pm]

Linkin Park

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Rock Music Community Open to Public [24 Nov 2007|07:10pm]
I was invited to this rock music community a while back. At the time, the site was by invite only, but it's now open for anyone to sign up. Here's the site: http://www.allrespect.com/

It's pretty cool and let's you find other people who share your same taste in music. You can also get music news and find others going to the same concert shows. You can even add a little form to your LJ page to compare your visitor's taste in music with your own. I got one on my LJ if you wanna see.

Anyway, I'm rambling... just thought I'd share this with the community! Later.
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Go to Concerts? [03 Sep 2007|05:54pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

Another update for what is becoming one of my frequented sites, www.AllRespect.com. They recently added a new Concerts feature. The idea is for you to find other concert goers who are attending the same concerts and then share videos, mp3s, photos, etc. from that show.

The feature is not really being used, but I think it's a good idea, so I'm helping spread the word here. Anywhere, there are still some more invites left to join the new music community. Here's the link:

Enjoy, folks.

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FOR SALE: Pair of Tickets to Projekt Revolution - Boston Date [21 Aug 2007|03:33pm]

I have a pair of tickets that can't be used because I'm getting my wisdom teeth out just the day before (bad timing, I know!).

They are covered seat, section 5 at Tweeter Center on Aug. 24th. I paid 150$ for the pair and would like as close to that as possible (basically best offer!).

More info can be found here.

Any questions or interests can be directed to my email at katie.schaefer@gmail.com

(x-posted, sorry for any inconvenience)
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[19 Aug 2007|10:36pm]

I have TWO Linkin Park/ My Chemical Romance/Mindless Self Indulgence Concert Tickets for the Toronto, August 21st Project Revo Tour. i bought them for $200 but will sell for $140 or best offer. concert is in two days so they must go
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Hello :3 [13 Aug 2007|09:53am]

[ mood | Wee! I'm on SPEEED! ]

Hey there folks. I'm new here to this community. Just thought I'd tell you because Linkin Park is my favorite band and it rocks your frakking world *nods*

Also on a side note: I'm completely and impossibly obsessed with Chester Bennington.


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Cool Rock Music Community [12 Aug 2007|06:00pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Hey all,
I thought you may be interested in this new site, AllRespect.com.

It's a music community for people to find others with the same taste in music (mostly rock/alternative from what I see). You can also create your Music Compatibility Test to add to your LJ for your visitors to check how similar their taste in music is to yours. Check out mine on my journal.

Anyway, the site is still in beta and by invite only. However, they have a couple promotions going on -- one for LJ users (lucky us, eh?):

You can read a bit more about the site (clearer than what I'm explaining) here:

Here's my page if you get bored:



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Hello, I'm Amanda June with Scream Louder Media and we recently took pictures of Linkin Park on the Projekt Revolution Tour. Just click HERE to check out the blog.
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Chester-Land.com [20 Jul 2007|10:47pm]

Hey guys I made a brand new Chester Bennington's fan site and just wanted to invite you all to check it out, it will have LP's news in general but it will be focused on Chester. Hope you like it and to hear what you guys thinks of it.


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Linkin Park Interview [01 Jul 2007|10:25pm]

Recently my online magazine had the opportunity to interview Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance & Taking Back Sunday for Project Revolution. I wanted to share the links to the interviews with everyone in case they were interested in checking them out. Here are the links to the hard copies of the interviews:

Linkin Park

My Chemical Romance

Taking Back Sunday

Here is the link to the podcast of the interview to listen to which includes all three bands:


Please don't take or post any content and clips from our interviews. Feel free to let us know what you think!
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[15 Apr 2007|07:19pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hi, I'm new here, but I'd appreciate it if you clicked this please. If the mods don't like it, please delete it.

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"Thousand Little Pieces" [01 Apr 2006|04:32pm]

"LINKIN PARK have set "Thousand Little Pieces" as the title of their new album, due this summer via Warner Music. The CD is being recorded in Los Angeles with producer Rick Rubin (RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS, BEASTIE BOYS and RUN-D.M.C.)

Name of the album comes from title of James Frey's book, "A Million Little Pieces". Mike Shinoda, LINKIN PARK rapper, revealed some info about their new effort:

"We wanted to do something different, go out of box. I think this title describes it all-- new way of working with material, new sound and lyrics. Now, when our fans are not yet familiar with new songs, they can't fully understand how this title links with it, but we hope they'll love it, as we all love it right now," said Shinoda. "We can't wait to let you guys hear this new stuff," he added.

Last, but not least, Shinoda revealed 3 titles for new songs from about 16 that are scheduled for: "That Day", "Back To You" and "Scramble". He said, that they could be changed, so don't take it for 100% sure.

Thousand Little Pieces will be the follow-up to 2003's "Meteora", which has sold more than 10 million copies."

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Morning After [24 Jan 2006|12:30am]

Thoughts on the Morning After JulienK remix?

I just finished listening to it....and im not sure what to say
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Fort Minor to tour Australia [18 Jan 2006|09:40am]

Hey there,

any Australians here? some good news...

Fort Minor to Tour Australia
by Tim Cashmere

January 13 2006

Fort Minor has just announced their first tour of Australia and it promises to be a treat. Mike Shinoda (of Linkin Park fame) will bring himself, two more MC’s, three backing vocalists, one DJ, one drummer and three string players.

Fort Minor’s debut album ‘The Rising Tied’ was released last November and featured artists such as John Legend, Common and Black Thought of The Roots fame. The album was executive-produced by Jay-Z, who had collaborated with Linkin Park on an EP last year.

Shinoda was a co-founder of the multi-million selling rap-metal band Linkin Park. They last toured Australia as part of the Livid Festival in 2003.

The shows will be at:

Mar 3 – Brisbane – The Arena
Mar 4 – Sydney – The Enmore
Mar 5 – Melbourne – The Palace

Tickets are on sale from January 23rd at the usual outlets.
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[09 Jan 2006|03:52pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hey, just wanted to say hi. My names Andy and Linkin Park is my favourite band ever so thought i would join this community so that i could talk to fellow fans. Feel free to talk any way you want to me.

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[02 Jan 2006|11:31pm]

Not sure if this is allowed, feel free to delete if it is, but I have some Linkin Park t-shirts (as well as some other bands) for sale on eBay.


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[16 Nov 2005|07:13pm]

my room, marvel at my dedication to linkin park!
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